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Where Form Based Code and Preservation Intersect

This dynamic presentation introduces and applies Form Based Code methodologies and preservation planning principles (typically based on the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and other NPS guiding documents) to several project scenarios. With perspectives from experts in preservation architecture and form based code planning, and input from an economist, the presentation will illustrate the process of reaching solutions for difficult project scenarios meshing principles from each discipline. Economic implementation can be considered. The session would involve brief introductions to the Standards and Form Based Code concepts. Participants will discuss several projects with each participant discussing their perspective of the solutions.

Project scenarios involving planning and form based codes/historic preservation might include: addition to a historic building; building a tall building next to a historic building; in-fill between two existing buildings; or considerations of how form based code could be adapted to existing character of a historic district/neighborhood.


Michael Garavaglia, President, Garavaglia Architecture, Inc.; Matt Kowta, Principal, BAE Urban Economics; Tony Perez, Director of Form-Based Coding, Opticos Design

Learning Objectives

  1. Introduction to Form Based Codes and the Secretary of Interior Standards
  2. Understand how form based codes can support preservation planning
  3. Showcase the benefits and potential challenges of using the Standards and Form Based Code in downtown planning efforts
  4. Economic impacts of varied development models