How to review an EIR?

by Andrew Shaffer  on June 27, 2018 | | No comments

An EIR is a comprehensive analysis of the potential impacts of a project on multiple environmental resources. In most cases, the most economical method of review is to begin with the Executive Summary. It will include a description of the project and an overview of its potential impacts. After familiarizing yourself with the project, go to the chapter that reviews cultural resources. That will include the EIR’s evaluation of potential impacts on historical resources and identify mitigation measures to reduce or avoid significant adverse effects on historical resources. The analysis should include resources that are listed, either on the California, Federal, or a local register, and resources that are eligible for listing. Consult the bibliography to be sure that all known sources and repositories have been researched for inclusion in the findings, and that the preparers meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for their discipline.

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