There is an old landmark report that is not clear on what is significant about the property. How is its validity and significance determined?

by Andrew Shaffer  on June 27, 2018 | | No comments

This landmark report needs to be updated. Any new information or new contexts that have been developed since the initial report should be included. An updated description of its architecture, site boundaries and setting, augmented by new photographs, should be provided. Its current condition and any physical changes that have affected its integrity since the initial report should be evaluated. The new report should clearly note the designation criteria the property meets and its level of significance. A clear justification of its boundaries and period of significance should be provided, along with a list of character defining features that contribute to the property’s significance.

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Andrew Shaffer is the former Engagement Director at the California Preservation Foundation. Prior to joining CPF, he studied at the University of San Francisco and the University of Wisconsin, where he specialized in LGBTQ history, preservation, and activism. Andrew is a transplant to San Francisco and loves showing off his adopted hometown to people from all over the world.