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CEQA and Historic Preservation: A 360 Degree View

The California Environmental Quality Act is the state’s strongest legal tool for historic preservation. Recent updates have changed how CEQA is interpreted for historic preservation, particularly for transit oriented development and traditional cultural properties. Using case examples from the Central Valley and statewide, this workshop will examine the entire CEQA process from project design and review, to EIR, public comment, and mitigation.

Learning Objectives

  1. Use recent examples from the region to determine how CEQA is interpreted, depending on project type, jurisdiction, and historic resource.
  2. Name the CEQA process from preliminary review to the EIR and beyond
  3. Review recent examples from case law that pertain to historic preservation
  4. Engage with the most frequently applied mitigation measures and the effective monitoring and enforcement of mitigation

Documents and Downloads

  1. Terry Rivasplanta - CEQA Basics
  2. Christopher McMorris - General Overview
  3. Susan Brandt-Hawley - Case Law
  4. Roberta Deering - Mitigation and Alternatives
  5. Terry Rivasplata - Recent Updates / Legislation
  6. Chris McMorris (Hypotheticals by Ken Bernstein)


  • Susan Brandt-Hawley, Esq., Brandt-Hawley Law Group
  • Terry Rivasplata, ICF International
  • Roberta Deering, City of Sacramento
  • Christopher McMorris, JRP Historic Consultanting; Other speakers to be announced.