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  • $175 Non-members Full Conference. Includes one year of Individual Membership ($50) 
  • $150 Members Full Conference
  • $75 per day for Day 1 and Day 2
  • $95 per day for Day 3 (Professional Training Day)
  • Students FREE | Speakers FREE

Continuing education

All live programs qualify for continuing education units through the AIA, AICP, ASLA and CLG.  All attendees can take advantage of our continuing education program at no additional cost.

  • Many sessions qualify for Health, Safety, and Welfare units (HSW)
  • Some sessions will qualify for AICP legal and ethics credits

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Track Titles

With our online format we have an unprecedented opportunity to expand our programs and address the enormous issues facing heritage conservation in California and beyond. To do so, the focus of the conference programs will be based on a set of values that broadly define the challenges before us as preservationists:

    • Excellence & Innovation. Overcoming technical challenges using the latest and best practices in preservation.
        • Using tools and other knowledge to complete challenging projects.
        • Harnessing the power of new technology
        • Ensuring that preservation keeps abreast of new knowledge and discoveries
    • Imagination & Vision. Using creativity and gumption to move preservation in new directions.
        • Creative solutions to difficult preservation challenges
        • Coalition building
        • Storytelling
        • Thinking outside of the preservation box
        • Intersecting with other disciplines and finding common ground and common solutions.
    • Relevance. How can heritage conservation improve the quality of life? Sessions within this field will demonstrate and discuss preservation’s role in some of the following challenges of the 21st Century:
        • Housing
        • Environmental Justice
        • Immigration
        • Health
        • Education
        • Jobs
    • Repair. How do we address the process and result of erasure and painful moments in history?
        • Helping communities that have lacked preservation programs
        • Making “history right”
        • Addressing conflict and mistrust
        • Telling the untold
    • Technology Toolkit. Professional training webinars to get you ahead in current research and design methodologies.
Tuesday, June 8, 2021 - Online Programs

Programs for Day 1:

  • Keynote Session
  • The Celebration of Inclusiveness: Towards an Integrated Approach
  • Intersection with Public Historian Podcasters
  • Black Lives Matter: Preserving Memories, Stories, and Expressions
  • Expanding Local Narratives Through the California Cultural Districts Program (Parts 1 and 2)
  • LGBTQ+ Heritage: Wins, Losses, and Challenges
  • Acknowledgement is Empowerment: Telling the Redlining Story
  • Special Evening Event
Wednesday, June 9, 2021 - Online Programs

Programs for Day 2:

  • Conversation Starter: Policy & New Paradigms and Tools of Cultural Heritage in California
  • Reorienting the Narrative: California’s Pre-Colonial History
  • Lunch Keynote: Reframing Integrity, Launching the Revolution
  • Conversations on Affordable Housing + Preservation in California
  • Ghost Hunting: Using Virtual Reality to Explore the Past
  • Conversations on Climate Change & Preservation in California
  • Sense(s) of Place: Exploring Olfactory and Auditory Heritage
  • Special Evening Event
Thursday, June 10, 2021 - Online Programs

Programs for Day 3:

  • Windows are the Eyes of Our Buildings: Diagnosis and Investigation
  • Divine Illumination: Conservation of Terra Cotta Tracery and Stained Glass in Two California Churches
  • Annual Meeting 
  • Protecting Historic Buildings and Components from Vibration Damage
  • Investing in Community Heritage: Mitigation that Works
  • Evaluating and Restoring Historic Curtain Walls and Monumental Entrances
  • Telling the Whole Story: Histories of Violence, Racial Justice, and Heritage Conservation 

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