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Mission Statement

The California Preservation Foundation provides statewide leadership, advocacy and education to ensure the protection of California’s diverse cultural heritage and historic places.

Our Values

The California Preservation Foundation is committed to excellence and exceeding our constituents expectations in all that we do.  Grounded in the belief that education is the most effective and enduring means to protect historic resources, CPF’s core values are:

  • Collaboration:  We recognize the importance of partnership and collaboration.  Our mission is advanced when we can successfully communicate complex issues to large audiences, engage supporters in the cause, and foster collaboration within CPF and across organizations.

  • Stewardship:  We seek to influence behavior and practice by promoting the means and incentives to preserve historic properties for their economic value, their role in preserving community identity and as a tangible link to the past for current and future generations.

  • Diversity:  California’s diversity enriches us, with its multiplicity of opinion, experience, culture and geography.    We believe in the power of diversity – in the people and organizations we serve, in the programs and services we offer, and in the ideas and perspectives we represent.

  • Respect for History:  We believe communities can continue to grow and prosper without losing sight of their past.

  • Informed Decisions:  We believe government leaders, property owners, design professionals and all preservationists will save more historic resources when they make informed decisions regarding the use and treatment of historical resources.

  • Sustainable Workplace:  We recognize the contributions of CPF staff and strive to create a workplace that supports mutual respect, excellent communication and shared decision-making to create opportunities for learning and growth and provides excellent customer service.

Our Vision for the Future

To ensure that the rich diversity of California’s historic resources are identified, protected and celebrated for their history and for their valuable role in California’s economy, environment and quality of life, the California Preservation Foundation will:

  • Be the recognized leader in providing the highest quality preservation education for working professionals.
  • Cultivate strong and educated local communities, statewide networks and national support united to protect and celebrate cultural resources.

  • Deepen our state and national leadership role, expanding relationships with local partners to increase our impact to create incentives and legislation which protect historic resources.

  • Achieve a strong, stable financial future through entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and balanced public/private support.