CEQA: Process, Mitigation, and Advocacy

The California Environmental Quality Act has been a critical tool for protecting historic resources since the 1970s. All projects undertaken by a public agency, and many projects undertaken by private parties, are subject to CEQA review. Despite its widespread and effective use as a preservation tool, it is frequently misunderstood or misinterpreted. Its effective use also relies on individual initiative and grassroots preservation efforts, which requires an understanding of its benefits, as well as its limitations. This workshop will explore the legal facets of CEQA and examine the successes and failures in saving resources using CEQA. Using case studies, attendees will gain a better understanding of mitigation, review, and the Environmental Impact Report (EIR).


  • Ken Bernstein, Los Angeles Office of Historic Resources
  • Adrian Scott Fine, Director of Advocacy, Los Angeles Conservancy
  • Christy McAvoy, Founding Principal, Historic Resources Group
  • Stephen Mikesell, Principal, ICF International
  • Deborah Rosenthal, Esq., Partner, Sheppard Mullin
  • Stephen Schafer, President, San Buenaventura Conservancy

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