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Pool Project Team

Project Lead
Clarence Mamuyac – ELS Architecture and Urban Design/Kuth Ranieri Architects – JV

Project Lead
Byron Kuth – ELS Architecture and Urban Design/Kuth Ranieri Architects – JV

Toks Ajike – San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department

Clarence Mamuyac – ELS Architecture and Urban Design

Byron Kuth – Kuth Ranieri Architects

General Contractor
Tony Cheung – CLW Construction

Structural Engineer
Nancy Tennebaum – Tennebaum-Manheim Engineers, Inc.

Structural Engineer
Daniel Mannheim – Tennebaum-Manheim Engineers, Inc.

Mechanical / Plumbing
Gary Hennings – H&M Mechanical Engineers, Inc.

Mechanical / Plumbing
Bikash Vaidya – Formerly with H&M Mechanical Engineers, Inc.

Rosanna Lerma – EDesignC Incorporated

Aquatics Consultant
Greg Cannon – Aquatic Design Group, Inc.

Landscape Architect
Jeffrey Miller – Miller Company Landscape Architects

Brian Kehoe – Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. 

Bruce Damonte – Bruce Damonte

Lawrence Anderson – Lawrence Anderson

Resource Principal
Elizabeth Ranieri – Kuth Ranieri Architects

Senior Project Manager
Susan Vutz – ELS Architect and Urban Design

Project Manager
Eliza Koshland – Kuth Ranieri Architects

Design Team Member
Ethen Wood – Formerly with Kuth Ranieri

Project Architect – For Pursuit
Michael McGroarty – Kuth Ranieri Architects

Energy Modeling
Gary Farber

LEED Consultant
Colleen FitzSimons – Urban Fabrick

Georgina Martinez – Telamon Engineering Consultants

Cost Estimating
Brad Saylor – Saylor Consulting Group

Richard Fiory

Rick Unvarsky

Geotechnical Engineers
Rinaldi Wibowo – City of San Francisco Department of Public Works

Balboa Park Pool

Balboa Park Pool is a winner for the 2021 Preservation Design Award for Rehabilitation. Award recipients are selected by a jury of top professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, planning, and history, as well as renowned architecture critics and journalists. Tickets and sponsorship options are available at californiapreservation.org/awards.

About Balboa Park Pool

Balboa Park Pool is a municipal treasure serving one of San Francisco’s most populated neighborhoods for more than 60 years. Over time, normal wear and deferred maintenance took its toll. Chlorine corroded the building’s materials and the structure needed a seismic upgrade. This rehabilitation provided necessary safety improvements, enhanced the building’s social and recreational programming, and preserved its iconic 1958 International architectural style. Seismic improvements were designed to preserve the character-defining concrete structure and large glazed openings, with interior braced frames and concealed shear walls.  A new welcoming and accessible entry into the building provides a strong visual connection for the community, enhancing understanding and use of the building’s swim programs.  The team increased the pool’s programming capacity by reconfiguring locker rooms and administrative spaces, carving space for a new 800-square foot community room requested by constituents, accessible even when the natatorium is closed.

Featured Image Courtesy © 2019 Lawrence Anderson, All Rights Reserved