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Picture Bridge Project Team

Project Lead
Craig Chamberlain – IMEG Corp.

Owner / Client
Robert Lipinski – The Langham Huntington Hotel

Historic Architect & Historic Preservatio Consultant
Robert Chattel – Chattel, Inc.

Consulting Engineer
Elizabeth Tang – IMEG Corp.

Raef Tamer – JRM Construction Management West, LLC

Sam Hunt – PEAK

The Picture Bridge at the Langham Huntington Hotel

The Picture Bridge at the Langham Huntington Hotel is a winner for the 2021 Preservation Design Award for Preservation or Restoration. Award recipients are selected by a jury of top professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, planning, and history, as well as renowned architecture critics and journalists. Tickets and sponsorship options are available at californiapreservation.org/awards.

About The Picture Bridge at the Langham Huntington Hotel

The Picture Bridge had significant wood decay prior to the rehabilitation, but the owner aimed to preserve as much of the original material as possible. This was accomplished through an innovative design that replaced only the pieces with irreparable damage and integrated a new wood clad steel support system that is entirely hidden from view to maintain the historic aesthetic. Additionally, facsimiles of 40 paintings of iconic California landscapes and landmarks were installed on the gable tympanums, as a signal that future conservation and interpretation of the original 1933 paintings will be addressed at a later date. The project team collaborated with advisor Pasadena Heritage to rehabilitate the Picture Bridge and maintain the historic beauty that many guests know and love. With a design sensitive to the needs of the owner, city, stakeholders, and its historic materials, the rehabilitated Picture Bridge will continue to charm guests for years to come.

Featured Image Courtesy Kevin Edge