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The California Preservation Awards are a statewide hallmark, showcasing the best in historic preservation. The awards ceremony includes the presentation of the Preservation Design Awards and the President’s Awards, bringing together hundreds of people each year to share and celebrate excellence in preservation.

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SFACC Project Team

Jennifer Dameron – San Francisco Public Works

Project Lead
Tim Kempf – San Francisco Public Works, Building Design and Construction, Project Management

Virginia Donohue – San Francisco Animal Care & Control

Patricia Solis – San Francisco Public Works, Bureau of Architecture

Construction Manager
Michael O’Brien – San Francisco Public Works, Building Design and Construction, Construction Management

Ray Wang – Clark Construction

Prime Consultant
Cecilia Quezada – Quezada Architecture

Historic Architect/HP Consultant
Elizabeth Graux – Treanor HL

Structural Engineer
Ray Lui – San Francisco Public Works, Bureau of Engineering

Mechanichal & Plumbing Engineer
Mike Stanton – Stanton Engineers

Electrical Engineer
Ed David – Stanton Engineers

Security & Technology
Randy Sparks – RLS

Landscape Architect
William Bulkley – San Francisco Public Works, Bureau of Landscape Architecture

Civil Engineer
Erik Scheller – AGS

Adam Weir – Kai-Yee Woo & Associates

Animal Care Specialist
George Miers – Swatt Miers

David Kelty – Topflight Specs

Amy Leedham – Atelier Ten

Alicia Tan – Enovity

Christina Codemo – SCA

Chris Fortich – GVK

Lyuda Kogan – Grossmann Design Group

Sean Connolly – Walker Consultants

Roman Wowk – Papadimos Group

Favianna Rodriguez

Alejandro Velarde – Velarde Photography, LLC

Asset Management
Adam Rendek – VueOps

San Francisco Animal Care and Control

San Francisco Animal Care and Control is a winner for the 2021 Preservation Design Award for Rehabilitation. Award recipients are selected by a jury of top professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, planning, and history, as well as renowned architecture critics and journalists. Tickets and sponsorship options are available at californiapreservation.org/awards.

About San Francisco Animal Care and Control

The San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) project is an adaptive reuse and rehabilitation of a historic unreinforced masonry building originally constructed in 1893. The new 65,000 SF facility’s program includes sheltering for domestic and wild animals, veterinary space, education spaces and support for staff and volunteers. The project comprises three floor levels within the existing envelope while striving to maintain the original building character. The interior buildout is pulled away from the shell to expose the masonry and windows. Animal exercise space was carved out at the center of the building and added at a new roof deck due to the limited site. The design focuses on the well-being of animals by minimizing the spread of disease, odors and sensory-triggered anxiety through improved ventilation, centralized cleaning systems, hygienic materials and acoustic separation. The facility was also designed as an essential service building with robust structural and building systems.

Featured Image Courtesy Alejandro Velarde, www.alejandrovelarde.com