California Environmental Quality Act Part 3: CEQA Mitigation

An open discussion among professionals who deal with CEQA mitigation. The discussion will help participants better understand appropriate mitigation measures. Using case examples, attendees will learn how to craft mitigation measures that provide the greatest benefit to the public and the best protection of historic resources.

Learning Objectives

  1. Use case examples to develop best practices for mitigating historic resources.
  2. Develop proper monitoring and reporting processes for mitigation measures.
  3. Develop a public participation framework to craft mitigation measures appropriate to local conditions or community need.
  4. Engage with creative examples of mitigation that depart from traditional mitigation methods


  • Laura Jones, Director of Heritage Services and University Archaeologist for Stanford University
  • Stephen Schafer, HABS Photographer and Director of Advocacy, San Buenaventura Conservancy
  • Geoffrey Starns, Planning Manager, City of Temple City

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