Resource Surveys and Context Statements: From Process to Product

A full day workshop that will examine both the process of conducting a historic resource survey and compiling a historic context statement. Methods for documentation and recordation will be examined. Attendees will learn how to group properties into themes, examine layered land and built environment use patterns, and make use of appropriate research methodologies and tools – both in the field and in the archives.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify key components of historic contexts and approaches to developing contexts, including the multiple property documentation format.
  2. Develop best practices for synthesizing historic context statements and field surveys, including establishing appropriate registration requirements and integrity considerations.
  3. Review up-to-date methods – including the use of new technologies – for completing surveys and managing survey data.
  4. Using the real-world example of Beverly Hills, become familiar with the chronology and process from basic resource surveys, to context statements, to the preservation ordinance.


  • Bill Crouch, AICP AIA LEED, Urban Designer, City of Beverly Hills
  • Teresa Grimes, Principal, GPA Consulting
  • Janet Hansen, Deputy Manager, Los Angeles Office of Historic Resources
  • Christine Lazzaretto, Principal, Historic Resources Group.

Documents and Downloads