Featured Image Courtesy David Yu. Steps designed by artist Aileen Barr, tiled by Riley Doty and Phylece Snyder in 2014.

Tile will Tell: Progressive Methods of Conservation Meet Arts and Crafts Heritage

Join us for an in-depth presentation and discussion of Art Tile restorations at two former women’s city clubs, in Berkeley and Detroit. Discover the process of future-proofing for resilience with legacy at the forefront. Bay Area-based Riley Doty, owner/operator of Doty Tile, and Detroit-based Annie Dennis, Education Director at Pewabic Pottery, invite you to explore the intricate efforts of puzzling together mosaic masterpieces.

Moderated By...

Brayden Templeton is an Architectural Designer for TEF Design of San Francisco. His experience ranges from university housing to experiential interior design. Brayden's aspiration is to create design by way of historic preservation and adaptive reuse. Problem solving for urban design, specifically public transportation, greatly excites him. Education and advocacy is a priority in his work whenever possible, and he is currently serving on the California Preservation Foundation Education Committee. Practicing in Manhattan, Cincinnati, and San Francisco has granted him a diverse collection of networks and insights into different facets of the field of architecture.

About Our Speakers

Annie Dennis is a ceramic artist and educator living in Detroit, Michigan.  She received her B.F.A. Ceramics from Western Michigan University in 2010 and her M.F.A. Ceramics from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2013. Annie has experience as Adjunct Faculty at Metro Detroit area institutions, such as College for Creative Studies, Oakland Community College, and Wayne County Community College District.  As Education Director and Archivist at Pewabic Pottery, Annie has been working to digitize and share the history of one of the nation’s oldest continuously operating pottery businesses.

Riley Doty of Doty Tile has been installing ceramic tilework in the Bay Area since 1979. For over twenty years Doty Tile operated as a small custom tile company. Today Riley runs a one-person operation, but frequently collaborates on projects with Phylece Snyder, a longtime colleague and wonderful tile setter.

Doty Tile does careful, thoughtful work on various types of installations. Areas of special focus are: historic restoration projects, working with handmade tiles, and doing public art installations. To insure sound functional work, special attention is given to preventing problems stemming from structural stress and from water incursion.

Riley serves on the board of Tile Heritage Foundation and does considerable research about the history of tiles. From time to time he writes and gives tours on subjects relating to tiles and architectural ceramics.