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Advanced Topics in CEQA and Section 106

What can can be done to improve the consideration of impacts from development and public infrastructure projects on your community's historical resources? This workshop will explore advanced historical resources topics related to project regulatory reviews under laws such as the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), California Public Resources Code Section 5024 et. seq. (PRC 5024), and the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA). We'll look at local city-wide surveys, and how they can be set up to provide the 'substantial evidence' required for defensible CEQA findings. We'll also consider how historic properties on state and federal lands are reviewed, and how local community advocates can effect the outcome. Finally, we'll discuss regulatory updates and legal challenges over the past several years and what they tell us about trends toward and away from resource protection.


Susan Lassell, Senior Manager, Cultural Resources, ICF; Other speakers to be announced.

You Will Be Able To...

  1. Understand how local city-wide surveys are used in local permit application and CEQA review process, and how to improve those surveys for better preservation outcomes.
  2. Learn advanced nuances of how documentation of a resource's significance, integrity, and character-defining features relates to evaluating project impacts under CEQA, CA Public Resources Code 5024, and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.
  3. Take a deep dive into recent changes to the CEQA Guidelines and legal precedents to understand emerging trends and hot topics for historical resources in CEQA.
  4. Recognize which state and federal environmental laws apply to projects conducted in your local community, and how you can influence the outcome.