California Environmental Quality Act Part 2: CEQA Case Law

The California Environmental Quality Act requires qualified historic resources to be reviewed, and often projects make their way into trial courts, appellate courts, or the California Supreme Court. Decisions often inform updated CEQA guidelines, which are given great weight in later court decisions. This 90-minute webinar will review a few exemplary CEQA court cases related to historic preservation to help participants gain a better understanding of recent interpretations of the statutes.


  • Susan Brandt-Hawley, Esq., Brandt-Hawley Law Group
  • Deborah Rosenthal, Partner, SheppardMullin

Learning Objectives

  1. Using recent examples from case law, develop a game plan for preserving your local resources
  2. Recognize potential litigation risks and mitigate problems before they occur
  3. Examine ethical considerations for challenging CEQA issues
  4. Identify the legal benefits and pitfalls of relying on CEQA as a preservation advocacy tool

Documents and Downloads