Commenting on CEQA Documents

The California Environmental Quality Act or CEQA is the statute that requires state and local agencies to identify the significant environmental impacts of their actions and to avoid or mitigate those impacts. This is the second of a two-part CEQA  webinar following the September 2012 CEQA workshop in San Francisco, and focusing on how potential historic resource impacts are considered in the development review process. We will begin with an outline of when and how to effectively comment on Draft Environmental Impact Reports from the perspective of a city planner. We'll continue by hearing about why it's important for advocates to comment effectively and hear about successful examples from a key advocacy director.

Learning Objectives

  1. What are the critical windows for commenting on a CEQA document?
  2. What are the parameters for commenting on potential impacts to historic resources?
  3. Why is it important for advocates to comment effectively?
  4. What are some current examples of successful comments?


  • Sally Zarnowitz, Architect, Senior Historic Preservation Planner, Planning and Development, City of Berkeley
  • Adrian Fine, Director of Advocacy, The Los Angeles Conservancy