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Conservation of Historic Concrete and Terrazzo

The full-day workshop will primarily cover preservation philosophy and approach for historic concrete and cement-based terrazzo systems. The in-person workshop format will include presentations with integrated case studies, hands-on demonstrations by industry leaders and craftspeople and a mini-laboratory. Specific topics will include assessment and nondestructive testing, concrete deterioration and distress mechanisms, laboratory studies, concrete cleaning, repairs (including matching historic concrete), corrosion mitigation, and protection systems. 

The mini-laboratory session will led by a petrographer and include hands-on microscopic evaluation by attendees of concrete and terrazzo samples with microscopes and other laboratory equipment. In addition, during the hands-on sessions various types of nondestructive testing equipment will be demonstrated to and used by attendees as well as demonstrations by conservators and contractors with extensive experience with historic concrete and terrazzo. Various types of materials and equipment typical for concrete and terrazzo repair and installation will be presented. The demonstrations allow for attendees to closely interact with the craftspeople and petrographers to allow for questions on techniques.