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Context Statements & Integrity: From Big Picture to Seven Aspects

This workshop will explore historic context statements for half of the day and will conclude with an examination of integrity for the second half of the day. First, you will engage with different approaches to developing contexts using frameworks for identifying and evaluating resources covering a variety of topics, themes, and geographic areas.  In the afternoon, you will examine the seven aspects of integrity using case studies. Sessions will pay special attention to integrity in Golden Gate National Recreation Area sites. You will look at the role of integrity in both designation as a historic resource and approval for historic tax credits. The workshop will conclude with a study tour of resources at the Presidio to examine integrity in the field.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify key components of historic contexts and the approaches to developing contexts, including the multiple property documentation format.
  2. Develop best practices for synthesizing historic context statements and field surveys, including establishing appropriate registration requirements and integrity considerations.
  3. Identify and understand each of the seven aspects of integrity.
  4. Understand the connections between historic integrity and significance, as well as a resource’s likelihood to become registered or qualify for rehabilitation tax credits.


  • William Burg, Historian, California Office of Historic Preservation
  • Anne Cervantes, AIA, Principal, Cervantes Design Associates, Inc
  • Donna Graves, Principal, Donna Graves, Arts and Heritage Planning
  • Caitlin Harvey, Architectural Historia, Left Coast Architectural History
  • Bridget Maley, Architectural Historian, Architecture + History, LLC
  • Desiree Smith, Preservation Project Manager, San Francisco Heritage
  • Christina Wallace, LEED AP, Conservator and Preservation Project Manager at The Presidio Trust
  • Shayne Watson, Architectural Historian, Watson Heritage Consulting
  • Andrew Wolfram, Principal, TEF Architecture and Design
  • Christopher VerPlanck, VerPlanck Historic Preservation Consulting

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