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Precision Preservation: On-site Documentation at Mare Island

Above: A three-dimensional simulation of Bodie State Historic Park produced using a UAV/Drone. Created by UC Merced PhD student Brandon Stark. UAV imagery recorded by Monarch Makers for the Bodie Digital Heritage Project. Project led by Nicola Lercari in collaboration with California State Parks. The workshop will feature work from UC Merced at Bodie, as well as a live demonstration of a drone recording historic resources. Over the past ten years, the cost and ease of recording cultural resources has dropped precipitously. This workshop will introduce you to a wide range of technologies currently used to assess, evaluate, and measure historic properties and landscapes. Hands-on exercises will teach you how to use laser scanners, photogrammetry, drones, and large format cameras. Mare Island, the nation's first Pacific naval base, will be the laboratory for using these new technologies on-site.  In the afternoon, you will convene in a classroom setting to review what you've learned and examine case studies that deployed these technologies successfully.

Learning Objectives

  1. Utilize cutting-edge tools in situ to evaluate the conditions and design of historic sites
  2. Determine how digital data can serve to inform a project design or maintenance plan
  3. Calculate the basic costs, timeframe, and expertise required to implement new technologies for conservation, restoration, or rehabilitation projects
  4. Explore ways in which new documentation technologies can also be used for public engagement or outreach


  • Stephen Schafer, HABS Photographer
  • Shari Kamimori, Founder and Principal, 3DVDT
  • Becky Morton, President and CEO, GeoWing Mapping
  • Jeff Miller, Chief Technology Officer, GeoWing Mapping
  • Dr. Nicola Lercari, Professor of World Heritage at UC Merced
  • Brendan Smith, PhD Student, UC Merced.



Continuing Education

AIA - HSW Building Science and Performance Design and Design Services Practice Project Types AICP Citizen Participation Hazards History Infrastructure Site Plans Technology ASLA Design-Build Historic Preservation Technology / CADD / GIS