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Easements and Grants

This webinar will cover both easements and grants in detail, first providing a general overview, and then digging into case examples and financial considerations for each. For easements, participants will get a brief general overview, including properties that qualify, donor and receiver roles, the benefits of easements, value calculations an outline of appraisal considerations. Attendees will also look at how easements can be combined with other financial incentives, such as the Mills Act and rehabilitation tax credits. For grants, participants will learn about the National Trust Preservation Funds and grants administered in the state. You will learn who gets prioritized funding through Trust administered grants, including the Johanna Favrot Fund for Historic Preservation, the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Fund for Historic Interiors, the Hart Family Fund for Small Towns, and the Peter H. Brink Leadership Fund.

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  • Jesse Lattig, Preservation Director, Pasadena Heritage
  • Kevin Sanada, Field Officer, National Trust for Historic Preservation.