Materials, Part 1 – Identifying and Treating Historic Wood

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Historic wood, one of the most critical components of much of architecture in the U.S., is also among its most vulnerable. Manifold threats of moisture, wood rot, pests, and natural hazards - when left unaddressed too long - can cause the catastrophic loss of some of our most beautiful built resources.

This 75-minute webinar, followed by a question & answer period, will include the perspectives of three experts in the evaluation and treatment of historic architectural woodwork, including an architect, contractor, conservator, and materials scientist. Speakers will use case examples to outline how to assess condition, calculate and lay out a scope of work, perform routine maintenance and protective measures, and replace parts that are beyond repair.


  • Kevin Flynn, Forensic Wood Technologist, Flynn & Assoc., Inc.

You will be able to...

  1. Use nondestructive methods to evaluate and ascertain treatment solutions to historic wood architectural components
  2. Identify the leading causes of damage to woodwork
  3. Understand the common methods to treat, repair, and replace historic wood
  4. Determine the most likely sources for different types of wood, including wood that is salvaged because it is no longer commercially harvested