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A How-to Guide: Integrity Assessments for Conventional and Unconventional Resources

This workshop includes free access to our one-hour live webinar (or its recording): "The Seven Aspects of Integrity in Summary" at no additional cost. Simply register for this live or broadcast program and you will receive the other webinar by email.

Navigating the applicability of all 7 aspects of integrity as defining by the National Register can be tricky especially as significance statements become broader and resource types more varied. This workshop will go through different ways of the thinking about integrity with regards to buildings and structures, linear resources, archaeological sites, historic districts and unconventional resources. We will work to identify how much change different resources can handle before there is a loss of historic integrity that would cause it to no longer be eligible or listed on the National Register and/or California Register. We will also discuss how the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards (SOIS) plays into a discussion of historic integrity, exploring how much room there is for change within the SOIS. The workshop will combine presentations from speakers, case study discussions and group exercises. If you have specific examples that you would like to discuss, please feel free to bring these up during the workshop.


  • Christopher Caputo, Chief, Office of Cultural Resource Studies, Caltrans
  • Rob Thompson, Federal Preservation Officer, Presidio Trust
  • Gretchen Boyce, Senior Preservation Planner, ICF
  • Other speakers to be announced

You Will Be Able To...

  1. Identify which aspects of integrity are most pertinent to different resources.
  2. Complete integrity assessments for a range of resource types.
  3. Identify when there is too much integrity loss that the resource is no longer considered historic.
  4. Recognize the links between historic integrity, and the applicability of Secretary of the Interior's Standards.