Learning from Large-scale Adaptive Reuse Projects

Inspired by large scale rehabilitation projects, we will dive deeper to learn more about the unique traits, challenges, and incentives that come with working on these types of projects. In this webinar we will not just talk about what makes a successful large-scale rehab project, but take a closer look at the issues, including:

  • Adaptive reuse projects that are so big that a single developer cannot handle them in a short term
  • Projects that could not have happened without the pursuit of entitlements, incentives, loans, and tax credits
  • Other problems and challenges facing large-scale adaptive reuse projects.
In this webinar, we will give a brief overview and focus on two major case-studies:
  1. Culver Studios Project in Culver City, and...
  2. Broadway Trade Center in Downtown Los Angeles


Peter Rindelaub, Projects Director, Omgivning; Margarita Jerabek, Director of Historic Resources, Environmental Science Associates; Dick Gee, Architect/Project Manager, Spectra Company; David Kaplan, Architect, KCK Architects; Sara Groesbeck, Project Manager, Omgivning; Marina Khrustaleva, Vice-President, South Pasadena Preservation Foundation

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the main and unique components of large scale adaptive reuse projects
  2. Learn about the challenges that large scale adaptive reuse projects encounter
  3. Become aware of environmental review and code issues large scale adaptive reuse projects face
  4. Understand potential partnerships and additional incentives, loans and tax credits for bigger adaptive reuse projects