California and Federal Legislative and Legal Updates for Historic Preservation

Expert panelists and attorneys from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Preservation Action, the California Preservation Foundation will provide insight into the origin and anticipated effects of new California and Federal laws, regulations, and guidance. We also will review recent case law that has affected the interpretation of existing laws, focusing primarily on CEQA, NEPA, and the NHPA.

Learning Objectives

  1. Review the basics of key preservation laws in California, when and how they are triggered, and the compliance requirements
  2. Learn about changes to existing laws resulting from legislation and case law
  3. Identify and understand the implications on the preservation field of new legislation and regulations
  4. Identify key legal trends and anticipated legislation in the next session


  • Susan Brandt-Hawley, Esq., Brandt-Hawley Law Group
  • Russ Carnahan, President, Preservation Action
  • Tony Gonzalez, London and Gonzalez Advocacy
  • Cindy Heitzman, Executive Director, California Preservation Foundation
  • Renee Kuhlman, Director of Policy Outreach, National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Druscilla Null, Director Office of Preservation Initiatives, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation