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Energy Efficiency and the Restoration of Historic Light Fixtures

This panel discuss will include lighting designers and lighting fixture manufacturers discussing examples of collaborative work on the renovation of historic fixtures with energy efficient, long-life light sources including LED technology. Examples will discuss historic research techniques, design, and documentation process, and manufacturing and engineering methods with examples of completed projects. You will get an overview of LED technology while learning of the unique challenges of integrating new sources into existing fixtures. Examples may include evaluation of replacements of façade lighting installations to improve maintenance and reduce costs while preserving the appearance of well-known and recognizable civic monuments.

Learning Objectives

  1. Help organizations considering restoration of historic fixtures with modern light sources understand the  possibilities and challenges they may encounter.
  2. Evaluate the energy savings and cost savings potential of modern sources such as LEDs.
  3. Explore examples of the integration of modern equipment into existing historic fixtures.
  4. Provide examples of the impact of modern illumination sources on the appearance and maintenance of historic sites.


  • Angela McDonald, Commissioner, Vallejo Architectural Heritage & Landmarks Commission
  • Maryanne Berger, Specification–Bay Area, ALR
  • David Harty, Vice President, Construction, Jamestown LP
  • Paul Ivazes, Quality Lighting
  • Allen Reaves, Senior Project Manager, Borden Lighting
  • Justin Helm, Associate, Perkins + Will

Continuing Education

  • Building Science and Performance
  • Design and Design Services
  • Insights
  • Materials and Methods
  • Project Types
  • Sustainable Design
  • Climate
  • Environment
  • Green Communities
  • History
  • Technology
  • Urban Design