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Focus on Modernism: Design, Materials Conservation & Review

This workshop will examine a range of issues in identifying, evaluating, and reviewing modern architecture, using local and regional examples. What types of character-defining features characterize Southern California modernism? What challenges do commissioners and planners have with evaluating and assessing modernist projects that may not be present in structures representing other styles of architecture? What are best practices for materials conservation? What substitute materials meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards when original elements are no longer available? Modern design will be approached through actual case examples of projects, ranging from "good" to "bad."


Alan Hess, Architectural Historian, Author, and Critic; Milford Wayne Donaldson, Chair, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation;  Ann Harrer, Senior Associate, Wiss Janney Elstner Associates, Inc; Reuben Lombardo, Project Manager, Spectra Company; David Marshall, AIA, Principal, Heritage Architecture & Planning; Keith York, Founder ,Modern San Diego Real Estate; Rob Quigley, Rob Wellington Quigley, FAIA, Architecture/Planning; Armistead Smith, Principal, Smith and Others Architects; Harold “Hal” Sadler, FAIA, Co-Founder, Tucker Sadler Architects, Inc.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to identify significant modern resources from the 70s & 80s in San Diego and its surrounding regions
  • Understand the unique considerations for preserving modern resources, including materials conservation & substitute materials
  • Identify the character-defining features of modernism in Southern California
  • Examine how the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for New Additions has been, and can be, applied to modernist architecture