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A Focus on Modernism: Design Regulations & Review – LIVE BROADCAST

Note: This is the LIVE BROADCAST of the workshop occurring at Claremont. Certain portions of the broadcast, such as the tour, will not be available to watch live. However, all in-class sessions will be available. 

Claremont embodies a veritable caldron of modernism. Richard Neutra, Theodore Criley Jr., Foster Rhodes Jackson, Cliff May, Everett Tozier, Buff and Hensman...all of these modern master architects produced work here.  And not to be overshadowed by residential commissions, the institutional and commercial output during this period also included work by A. Quincy Jones and famed east coast architect Edward Durell Stone. But it could be the indomitable Millard Sheets who really helped change the modern face of Claremont. His unique expressions of artistic achievement are seen in the buildings, murals and even street markers that we pass every day.

This workshop will examine a range of issues in evaluating, surveying, and reviewing modern architecture using local and regional examples. What types of character-defining features characterize Southern California modernism? What challenges do commissioners and planners have with evaluating and assessing modernist projects that may not be present in structures representing other styles of architecture? You will approach modern design through actual case examples of projects ranging from “good” to “bad”. You will come away with a well-rounded understanding of challenges and approaches to modernism at the citywide, district, landscape and individual scales. In partnership with Claremont Heritage, this will be CPF's first all-day workshop to focus exclusively on Modernism. We will conclude with a walking tour and a reception/screening/member appreciation event for CH and CPF members.



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Learning Objectives

  1. Background and history of Modernism - Specifically in Southern California but nationally as well.
  2. The Influence of Millard Sheets on Modern architecture and design
  3. The Documentation of a unique brand of cross-disciplinary Modernism that has become known as the "Claremont School"
  4. Understanding the process and nuances of design review, specifically as it applies to modern architecture


  • Paul Bockhorst, Hon. AIA, Documentary Filmmaker and Producer
  • Taylor Louden, AIA, Principal, GTL Architecture
  • David Shearer, Executive Director, Claremont Heritage
  • Alan Hess, Architecture Critic, San Jose Mercury News
  • Barbara Lamprecht, M.Arch., PhD, Architectural Historian
  • Adam Arenson, Associate Professor and Director of Urban Studies, Manhattan College
  • Margarita Jerabek, PhD, Associate Principal and Director of Historic Resources, ESA PCR Services
  • Steven Keylon, Independent Landscape Historian / Stewardship Council of the Cultural Landscape Foundation