Modernism 3: Saving the Seventies

The counter-culture of the 1970s birthed a new movement in design and architecture that inspired some of the late 20th century's most iconic architects and engineers. This event, entitled “Saving the Seventies,” intends to present challenges for evaluating cultural resources from that period that are just now coming of age, especially related to unusual and yet historic sites from the counter-cultural movements active at that time. We will explore how to approach alternative sites of recent history that are only recently being evaluated as historic resources, as well as the best way to document and record their significance. This program will also be recorded. Sign up here for zoom link.

Our speakers will come from a variety of backgrounds. Michael Toivonen has been involved in the preservation of Druid Heights, a site now owned by the National Park Service. Druid Heights is located in the hills of Marin county, California west of the town of Mill Valley. UC Berkeley architectural historian, Greg Castillo is an expert in vernacular architecture of the counterculture era (1960s - 70s). Greg curated the 2017 exhibit, "Hippie Modernism: The Struggle For Utopia" (Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive) and was the lead author on the exhibition's catalog.


Greg Castillo, Architectural Historian, University of California at Berkeley; Michael Toivonen, Co-Founder "Save Druid Heights"

You Will Be Able To...

  1. Identify historical roots of the modern movement in architecture.
  2. Name early artists, architects, and thinkers that pioneered ideas about modernism.
  3. Describe the values of modernism.
  4. Identify different schools, periods and movements in modernism.