A 10,000-foot View of the OHP: Introduction to the Office of Historic Preservation

Attendees will get an overview of and introduction to the California Office of Historic Preservation—who they are, what they do, and what you need to know about them and their programs. This webinar will introduce participants to the mission and structure of the OHP. Participants will gain familiarity with the programs overseen by the OHP, with the purposes and responsibilities of the OHP’s units, and with how you can participate in those programs.


Jenan Saunders is the Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer for California. Before becoming Deputy SHPO, which began in February 2010, Jenan worked in the Interpretation and Education Division of California State Parks, serving as the manager of that division’s Planning and Programs Section, Photographic Archives, and Interpretive Publications Unit. Prior to joining the Interpretation and Education Division, Jenan served as a State Historian with the California Office of Historic Preservation where she first worked in the Registration Unit, coordinating the California Register of Historical Resources program, and then in the Local Government Unit. With the Local Government Unit, Jenan handled CEQA review of local agency projects and assisted with administration of the Certified Local Government program. Jenan has extensive experience in public history, having worked as a student volunteer, private research consultant, program director for a non-profit organization and public agency employee. Jenan received her B.A. in History with Honors from UC Davis, with an emphasis on 20th century U.S. and Latin American history, and her M.A. in Public History from CSU Sacramento.


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