Preservation Positive L.A., Housing, Density and More!

The Doctor is In...

....with Adrian Scott Fine (Los Angeles Conservancy) and Don Rypkema (PlaceEconomics)

While anecdotally we know preservation and the reuse of older and historic buildings benefits peoples’ lives, what has been missing—until now—is the data and analysis to fully back up these claims. Preservation Positive Los Angeles is a groundbreaking new study showing how preservation positively affects housing, affordability, sustainability, density, and economics. As the affordable housing crisis is only likely to intensify with COVID-19, new California legislation looms again and potentially puts historic neighborhoods at risk. Tune in for this live Q&A to hear the study’s surprising results and myth-busting findings, including that retaining older, denser neighborhoods preserves more affordable housing, the ultimate win-win! Download the study using the link above