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The Secretary of Interior’s Standards: Historic Districts, Infill Construction, and New Additions

This intensive, one-day workshop will delve into the real issues of historic districts, infill construction, and new additions as they relate to the Secretary of Interior Standards for Rehabilitation. Particular attention will be paid to transportation development, contextual infill, cultural landscapes, and change in use. Case studies from the region will allow attendees to examine the standards' relationship with material, setting, and integrity. The workshop will close with a tour to show the challenges of meeting the standards and creative solutions to maintaining compliance with the standards.

Learning Objectives

  1. Differentiate between projects that meet the standards and those that fail to comply
  2. Balance financial, environmental, and safety demands of projects with the Standards
  3. Engage with creative methods for meeting the standards using solutions from case examples
  4. Examine projects in the region and the measures used to meet the Standards for Rehabilitation