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Elements & Matrix: Surveying Historic Resources Within Their Contexts

Each historic property is an individual element within a broader matrix of history. A context is necessary to understand one building, and many buildings inform a historic context. Together, surveys and context statements lay a critical foundation for current and future evaluation of historic resources. In this session, hear from professionals who are working on current survey and context-writing efforts in Northern California. They will share insight into the necessity of comprehensive surveys and strong context statements, as well as new strategies for organizing, conducting and synthesizing survey and context statement efforts. Learn why such documentation isn't just for posterity, but can and should be used as an active planning tool for every-day evaluation of resources and preservation decision-making.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the interactivity/co-dependency of surveys and context statements
  2. Explore new methods and efficiencies in survey work
  3. Learn to formulate an effective, not exhaustive, context statement
  4. Understand how surveys and context statements serve as planning tools
  5. Learn how to apply existing surveys and context statements to evaluation of new resources


  • Kara Brunzell, Historian/Architectural Historian at Brunzell Historical
  • Caitlin Harvey, Founder, Left Coast Architectural History
  • Shayne Watson, Architectural Historian
  • Christina Dikas, Senior Architectural Historian, Page & Turnbull
  • Other speakers to be announced.


Continuing Education

  • AIA
    • Design and Design Services
    • Practice
    • Project Management
    • Project Types
  • AICP
    • Citizen Participation
    • Comprehensive Planning
    • Economic Development
    • History
    • Technology
    • Urban Design