From Nuclear Waste to Manholes – the What, Why and How of Surveys

This presentation will focus on the what, why and how of historic resource surveys. Surveys are one of the basic building blocks of preservation planning, providing government agencies, developers, building owners and scholars with basic information for understanding the built environment, and for planning future interventions. The presentation will be illustrated with examples from several surveys, including urban surveys focusing mostly on buildings, and surveys focusing on less commonplace resource types.

Learning Objectives

  1. What is a survey and why is it done?
  2. Methods for surveying buildings and other resources.
  3. How do cities use survey information?
  4. Why are surveys important?


Nancy Goldenberg, Principal, Carey & Co., a TreanorHL Company; Kim Butt, Associate Principal, Carey & Co., a TreanorHL Company; Lina Velasco, Senior Planner, City of Richmond.