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Surveys, Historic Structure Reports, and EIRs: A Practitioner’s Toolkit

Before the shovel hits the soil, most historic resources undergo an exhaustive level of research, recordation, and review. This workshop will investigate the process of reconstructing the past history and significance of sites through historic resource surveys and historic structure reports. Case studies will be presented throughout the day to illustrate lessons learned ‐ including the Queen Mary RMS and LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes. Speakers will also address the unique challenges presented by unexpected discoveries or findings that change the significance or sensitivity of resources during the survey, EIR, or historic structure report process.

You Will...

  1. Examine the anatomy of a well formulated Historic Structure Report
  2. Efficiently create, update, or evaluate historic resource surveys using the latest tools
  3. Develop best practices for examining the pre-historic and archaeological history of a site in order to avoid unexpected discoveries
  4. React and appropriately respond to unexpected surprises in the EIR process to avoid legal challenges or political blowback

Documents and Downloads


  • Flora Chou, Associate / Architectural Historian, Page & Turnbull
  • John M. Foster, Vice President, Senior Archaeologist at Greenwood and Associates
  • Kyle Garcia, Archaeologist, PCR Services
  • Peyton Hall, Managing Principal, Historic Resources Group
  • Margarita Jerabek, PhD, PCR Services.

Continuing Education

  • AIA
    • Legal
    • Practice
    • Project Management
    • Project Types
  • AICP
    • Citizen Participation
    • Environment
    • History
    • Law
    • Property
    • Site Plans
    • Smart Growth
    • Urban Design
  • ASLA
    • Campus Planning & Design
    • Development Trends
    • Historic Preservation
    • Project Management
    • Site Planning
    • Technology / CADD / GIS
    • Urban Planning