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Managing Change: Sustainable Approaches to Historic Preservation

Sustainability is a significant consideration in historic preservation. One of the greatest strengths of historic buildings is their inherent role as sustainable alternatives to new construction and features that make use of natural light and air flow. This webinar will delve beyond that, looking at historic preservation's important role in utilizing sustainable technologies and encouraging new methodologies. Take a specialized look at incorporating concepts and practices of sustainability in historic preservation projects, and how you can adopt new technologies while maintaining the character and integrity of historic buildings.

Learning Objectives

  1. Addressing the common goals of sustainability and historic preservation
  2. Understanding the importance of existing resources of historic buildings in terms of sustainability
  3. Rediscovering the value of maintenance and repair, and by doing so embodied & operating energy savings
  4. Gaining a holistic appreciation about environmental, cultural and economic benefits of sustainable preservation


John D. Lesak, AIA, FAPT, LEED AP, Architect and Principal, Page & Turnbul