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Operations Manager

Position Description

The Operations Manager is responsible for procuring, inventorying, and maintaining and repairing all aspects of HistoriCorps field equipment. HistoriCorps field equipment include, but are not limited to: trucks, cargo trailers, flatbed trailers, scaffolding, small engines (generators, chain saws), stationary and hand power tools, hand tools, and camp kitchen equipment. The Operations Manager may at times fill in for field staff on, or lead, preservation projects.

The Operations Manager is supervised by the Director of Projects and Operations.

Duties include but are not limited to:
1. Develop inventory system and database for tools and equipment and keep up-to-date;
2. Create and maintain a sign-in/sign-out system for all tools and equipment;
3. Prepare vehicles and trailers, tools and equipment, and camp kitchen inventory for seasonal deployment;
4. Develop and manage annual maintenance, repair, and replacement budget for Operations;
5. Create and update user guides to specialized tools and equipment;
6. Keep up-to-date with safety recalls, OSHA standards for equipment, and hazardous waste management;
7. Keep Business Manager and Executive Director apprised in advance of requisitions for equipment and supplies to keep within limits of project and department budget;
8. Assume additional responsibilities as directed by Director of Operations;
Essential Knowledge, Skills and Experience:
9. Extensive knowledge of the use and maintenance practices for hand and power tools in the following construction trades (masonry, framing, painting, roofing, specialty log and timber framing);
10. Working knowledge of best practices for fleet management including registration, insurance, maintenance, and replacement cycles;
11. Working knowledge of best practices for establishing and maintaining off-grid (no water or electricity) camp kitchens for up to 15 people;
12. Solid understanding of existing OSHA standards for the maintenance and upkeep of equipment;
13. Working knowledge of, and experience with, The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties (SOIS), with Guidelines for Preserving, Rehabilitating, restoring, & Reconstructing Historic Buildings and how those standards drive decisions regarding selection and use of tools;
14. Strong understanding of best practices for inventorying and tracking equipment. Must be proficient with software such as Microsoft Office;
15. Exceptional written and verbal communication, interpersonal and management skills;
16. Proven ability to deal with management, vendors and field crews;
17. Conflict resolution and negotiations skills to resolve disagreements quickly and effectively, bringing a problem- solving attitude to conflicting approaches and priorities involving others;
18. Ability to analyze operational performance, produce reports that outline areas of improvement, and implement once approved.

Essential Values:
19. Demonstrates Character: Demonstrate ownership of work that directly affects the quality of the field crew experience. Exemplify HistoriCorps ethic and positive attitude and promote a respectful environment for all team members;
20. Integrity, intelligence, mature, energized, courageous, executor, passionate;
21. Precise, methodical, organized, rational, detail oriented;
22. Persistent, independent, self-disciplined and motivated;
23. Decision maker;
24. Open to and actively solicit alternative solutions;
25. Catalyst and champion of positive change;

Company/Organization Description

HistoriCorps®, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, promotes hands-on public involvement in the restoration and preservation of historic places and structures on our public lands through the engagement of volunteers, students, veterans, youth training programs and organizations interested in historic preservation. HistoriCorps partners with federal, state and local land management agencies to provide educational and outdoor opportunities, fostering in our participants a lifelong commitment to the stewardship of our historic resources and public lands. From our Morrison, CO headquarters, we coordinate and instruct projects on public lands throughout the United States.

Pay Range (Annual): Commensurate with Experience/Negotiable
Location: MOrrison, CO
Job Type: Full Time

How to Apply

For your application to be considered, it must include:
1) Submit a cover letter (400 words maximum) that
a. describes the reasons for your interest and
b. includes your email address, physical street address, and daytime phone number. Please indicate how you would like to be contacted (by email or phone) if you are selected for an interview;
2) A descriptive resume

Submit all materials electronically to: Jonas Landes, Director of Projects and Operations HistoriCorps®, Subject line: Operations Manager Position.

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