Moving Past 40

The California Preservation Foundation was born in August of 1978, when a small group of activists decided to take their efforts to the next level and promote preservation across the state. Over the last 40 years we have grown from a grassroots group to a statewide network with more than 15,000 members and supporters. Today, we are moving past 40 with new membership benefits, greater resources, and a renewed focus on preparing for the future of preservation.

Read more below about how we’re moving past 40 to build on a legacy of success and prepare for the future.


We have over 15,000 members and supporters


We train more than 1,500 people annually


We have recognized over 500 projects for preservation excellence


We respond to more than 100 calls for help each year

New Membership Benefits

The California Preservation Foundation is excited to announce a brand new membership menu that makes it easier than ever to support our work and gain access to our educational programs.

Streamlined Membership Menu
Over the last forty years we have added multiple membership levels to meet the needs of our members, leaving us with an often confusing array of membership options. Starting today, we have consolidated our previous 15 levels into just 6 – ranging from $50 to $1,000.

Greater Access
Starting today, all members at $250 and above receive completely free access to all of our webinars, and a steep discount to our live workshops. Members at $500 and above also receive our recorded webinars for free, giving you access to over 200 high quality recordings you can use to learn and train your staff.

Removing Barriers
Previously, using your membership benefits required calling or emailing us to request access to a particular program. While we love hearing from you, we also understand that this added another step to the process, making it more difficult and confusing to access our programs. Starting today, all member discounts are automatically applied once you are logged in. So, if you are a member at $500 and want to register for an upcoming webinar, just log in and the event registration will automatically go down to $0. If you want to sign up for a workshop, the price will automatically be cut in half – and you can use this discount for as many people in your organization as you would like. No more unnecessary barriers.

Providing Greater Resources

As a statewide organization, we are using our extensive network to provide access to resources and information from across California.

Answering your Questions
We get preservation questions nearly every day from people who need help saving the places they call home. We have taken these frequently asked questions and prepared a primer to multiple preservation topics, from CEQA to Surveys.

Enhancing Advocacy
In addition to our new Advocacy Alerts webpage, we will be rolling out additional tools over the next year that help you see where CPF is active around the state and take action on the legislative changes that impact your community.

Promoting Employment
Our new jobs page provides an easy way to search or list preservation jobs, internships, and volunteer positions from across the state.

Investing in the Future

From financial support for students to building a war chest for future action, we are making the investments now to ensure preservation’s future.

Supporting Students
This year we are rolling out a free student membership, and will award our first educational scholarships.

Funding the Fight
With the support of a three year $50,000 matching grant, we are preparing an Advocacy Fund that will allow us to respond quickly and effectively to protect and promote California’s irreplaceable historic resources.

Header Image © Tim Griffith, Courtesy of Page & Turnbull