2021 Annual Preservation Conference – Call for Ideas

General Details

The California Preservation Foundation will hold the 2021 Annual California Preservation Conference in June 2021 via virtual platforms. This year, we have an unprecedented opportunity to expand our programs and address the enormous issues facing heritage conservation in California and beyond.  To do so, the focus of the conference programs will be based on a set of values that broadly define the challenges before us.

We need your ideas! This simple form is meant to be completed in less than five minutes. Below are the key themes and values that our Conference Program committee is interested in. Any ideas, especially ideas that fit within these core values, are welcome and encouraged. Please help us move preservation forward!

Conference Values

  1. Relevance. How can heritage conservation improve the quality of life? Sessions within this field will demonstrate and discuss preservation’s role in some of the following challenges of the 21st Century:
    • Housing
    • Environmental Justice
    • Immigration
    • Health
    • Education
    • Jobs
  2. Repair. How do we address the process and result of erasure and painful moments in history?
    • Helping communities that have lacked preservation programs
    • Making “history right” 
    • Addressing conflict and mistrust
    • Telling the untold 
  3. Imagination & Vision. Using creativity and gumption to move preservation in new directions.
    • Creative solutions to difficult preservation challenges
    • Coalition building
    • Storytelling
    • Thinking outside of the preservation box
    • Intersecting with other disciplines and finding common ground and common solutions. 
  4. Excellence & Innovation. Overcoming technical challenges using the latest and best practices in preservation.
    • Using tools and other knowledge to complete challenging projects
    • Harnessing the power of new technology
    • Ensuring that preservation keeps abreast of new knowledge and discoveries

Submitting an Idea

Submitting is easy and quicker than previous call for session proposals. We want your best ideas and most insightful proposals. Selected submissions will receive a complimentary ticket to the full virtual conference. Simply fill out the form below. You may submit as many ideas as you would like. Simply refresh this page to submit another idea. 

We are accepting ideas no later than Friday, January 15th, 2021. Conference organizers are particularly interested in ideas that push the field of historic preservation in new directions, especially in terms of its engagement with diverse communities (in terms of race, class, gender, age, etc); strategies for grassroots advocacy; place-based interpretation; and means of addressing environmental sustainability and climate resiliency. We encourage submissions that consider preservation broadly to include public history, digital humanities, materials-based conservation methods, and various tools for documentation, planning, and preservation.

CPF will notify submitters of their session decision no later than March 1st, 2021.

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