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The 2023 Design Awards Event

For 2023, we’re celebrating 16 award winning projects at the historic Fort Mason Center for the Arts & Culture in the Cowell Theatre, preceded by a special social event in the stunning Design Award-winning Pier 2 Atrium.

We’re celebrating four years of the Preservation Design Awards at this special opportunity for winning teams and conference-goers. Wines will be split into six groups, tied to winning projects from all four years. There will be some surprises, a silent auction, and food and drink served.

The Hearst Greek Theatre Northside Concessions & Amenities Plaza


Project Lead
Christopher Wasney – CAW Architects, Inc.

Project Lead
Mousam Adcock – CAW Architects, Inc.

James Wert – University of California, Berkeley

Historic Architect
Christopher Wasney – CAW Architects, Inc.

Structural Engineer
David Mar – Mar Structural Design

Structural Engineer
John Wolfe – Mar Structural Design

Mechanical Plumbing Engineer
Ray Keane – Engineering 350

Mechanical Plumbing Engineer
Kim Zylker – Engineering 350

Landscape Architect
Stephen Wheeler – Stephen Wheeler Landscape Architects

Ryan Marshall – Overaa

Electrical Engineer
David Johnson – The Engineering Enterprise

Civil Engineering
Richard Souza – CSW/ST2

Additional participant(s)
Jeremy Geffen – Cal Performances, UC Berkeley

Additional participant(s)
Doug Warrick – Another Planet Entertainment

Additional participant(s)
Gregg Perloff – Another Planet Entertainment

The Hearst Greek Theatre Northside Concessions & Amenities Plaza

The Hearst Greek Theatre Northside Concessions & Amenities Plaza is a winner for the 2023 Preservation Design Award for Contextual Infill. Award recipients are selected by a jury of top professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, planning, and history, as well as renowned architecture critics and journalists. Tickets and sponsorship options are available at

About The Hearst Greek Theatre Northside Concessions & Amenities Plaza

In 1957, Ernest Born and Lawrence Halprin put on a master class in how to add to a classical icon. Their project used strong horizontal massing, simple smooth surfaces juxtaposed with rough textured concrete to honor and complement the original John Galen Howard amphitheater. Their project is part landform / part building. 

Our project takes a similar approach, gently touching the northern edge of the Born project, and stepping up the hill to the north to create a gracious plaza and a restroom/concession building that is embedded into the hillside, and steps up with it, creating as upper terrace as well. The building and site walls echo the strong, horizontal, and intentionally unarticulated forms of the Born addition.

Complimentary materials – board-formed concrete and smooth plaster, tie back to both the Born and Howard material palettes, with suitable differentiation in texture and color.

About CPF and the Awards

The California Preservation Awards are a statewide hallmark, showcasing the best in historic preservation. The awards ceremony includes the presentation of the Preservation Design Awards and the President’s Awards, bringing together hundreds of people each year to share and celebrate excellence in preservation.

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