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The 2023 Design Awards Event

For 2023, we’re celebrating 16 award winning projects at the historic Fort Mason Center for the Arts & Culture in the Cowell Theatre, preceded by a special social event in the stunning Design Award-winning Pier 2 Atrium.

We’re celebrating four years of the Preservation Design Awards at this special opportunity for winning teams and conference-goers. Wines will be split into six groups, tied to winning projects from all four years. There will be some surprises, a silent auction, and food and drink served.

Tule Lake Segregation Center Historic Jail Restoration


Nu Nhi Nguyen – Architectural Resources Group

Project Lead & Principal
Kitty Vieth – Architectural Resources Group

Hiroshi Shimizu – Tule Lake Committee

Owner/Project Partner
Jessica Reid – Tule Lake National Monument

Historic Architect
Gary Koll – Architectural Resources Group

Architectural Conservator
Lacey Bubnash – Architectural Resources Group

Structural Engineer
Art Dell – SOHA Engineers

Mechanical Engineer
Ron Blue – List Engineering

Electrical Engineer
Pieter Colenbrander – O’Mahony & Myer

Cost Estimating
Karen Jensen – Karen Jensen Construction Estimating and Consulting

Environmental Consultant
Richard Grassetti – Grassetti Environmental Consulting

Hazardous Materials Consultant
Dan Leung – SCA Environmental, Inc.

Construction Manager & Principal
Jennifer Correia – ARG Conservation Services

Construction Manager
Paul Nachtsheim – ARG Conservation Services

Kirby Wu – Wu & Associates

Restoration Contractor
Spectra Company

Tule Lake Segregation Center Historic Jail Restoration

Tule Lake Segregation Center Historic Jail Restoration is a winner for the 2023 Preservation Design Award for Restoration. Award recipients are selected by a jury of top professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, planning, and history, as well as renowned architecture critics and journalists. Tickets and sponsorship options are available at

About Tule Lake Segregation Center Historic Jail Restoration

The restoration project included repair of the building’s exterior and interior and the conservation of significant graffiti on the interior walls that was created by the inmates.

Exterior work included concrete wall and roof repairs, new roofing, window frame repair and new window sash and screens, door frame repair, restoration of the rear metal door and a new wood front door. Interior work included graffiti conservation, repair of concrete walls/openings, restoration of metal doors, metal door frames and cell bars, partition repair, and new wood doors with either repaired or new frames. Electrical and lighting systems were recreated, and a new radiant heating system was designed to have the least impact on the historic interiors. 

The east cell block was more fully recreated with historic and matching army salvage bunks and antique period toilets and sinks. Both cellblock showers were also restored with piping and period correct fittings.

About CPF and the Awards

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