Challenges & Change, Part 2: Post-1950s Historic Structures & the California Historical Building Code

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The California Historical Building Code (CHBC) helps protect the state's built heritage by recognizing the unique construction challenges in historical buildings. Any Qualified Historical Buildings can use the CHBC to use alternative standards; until recently, post-1950s resources often did not qualify because they were not on officially listed resource inventories at the local, state, or national level. Since many of these buildings have recently passed the 50-year threshold, they are more likely to be a Qualified Historic Buildings - but what unique considerations should be made with rehabilitating these buildings, and how does the CHBC help, given the unique design considerations and materials of post-1950s historic resources? This webinar will examine scenarios and case examples where the CHBC has helped - or would have helped - in the design-build process while still meeting the life safety, access, & structural mandates of the code.

You will be able to...

  1. Determine whether or not a structure is a Qualified Historic Building
  2. Describe when and how the code can be applied
  3. Identify who enforces the code, and how it is interpreted by local building officials
  4. Understand how the unique materials and design of modern resources impact the application of the California Historical Building Code


Lon Determan, SE, Principal, Miyamoto International; Mike Garavaglia, AIA, Garavaglia Architecture; Robert Chattel, AIA, Chattel, Inc. | Historic Preservation Consultants.