Teardowns to Mansionization – Preserving Community Character

Learn about the tools and techniques to combat mansionization and teardowns. How do the new code updates in cities such as Los Angeles address the threats of mansionization and teardowns? This webinar will provide an overview of the current climate and the regulatory and legal planning tools available to help combat the loss of historic neighborhoods to these new and pervasive threats.


  1. Understand the current zoning and planning updates to urban areas in California.
  2. Utilize regulatory and legal tools to help provide for community input and oversight over new construction and demolition in historic districts or neighborhoods
  3. Gain a basic understanding of the CEQA process as it applies to demolition and infill construction
  4. Identify how advocacy organizations are helping identify, respond to, and communicate the threat of teardowns and mansionization to communities


Adrian Scott Fine, Director of Advocacy, Los Angeles Conservancy. Shelley Wagers, Community Activist, NoMoreMcMansionsInLosAngeles