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Social Media for Not-for-Profits: A Plan for Success

Would you like to use social media to spread your message or inform your audience?  Great, but where do you start, what’s your message and how do you measure success?  Social media can be a very effective tool for advocacy, but requires the right platforms and content.  This webinar is designed to provide guidance and to the share lessons learned in more than a decade of integrating social media and electronic communications into project and corporate communication campaigns for consulting services, associations and government projects. Attendees will be provided information to help you use social media more effectively to address the following key areas:
  • Your Team – be clear on roles and responsibilities within your organization; the webinar will discuss guarding your brand, developing a policy and protocols, and establishing quality control measures.
  • Your Goals – define objectives and develop a strategic social media plan; the webinar will discuss segmentation and addressing unique audiences.
  • Your Content – develop audience-driven messages with value to get noticed; the webinar will provide an interactive editorial calendar template to attendees to list goals and focus content.
  • Success – determine what success look like for you and how to measure effectiveness.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the differences between various social media platforms and selecting what is right for your audience and mission
  • Learn how to focus content and develop a posting regimen through the application of a social media plan
  • Understand how to identify your audience and the fundamentals of providing valuable content
  • Learn the tools available to measure results and how to define success


  • Kary Beck, Corporate Communications Director, Mead & Hunt, Inc.
  • Chad Moffett, Market Leader of Cultural Resources, Mead & Hunt, Inc.
  • Jonathan Haeber, Field Services Director, California Preservation Foundation