Featured Image Courtesy Photo Courtesy Bettina Neuefeind

Road to a Comprehensive and Successful Project for All – Taled by an Engineer

The key to a successful preservation project does not stop to a having a great architect although this is indispensable in an unforgiving seismic environment like California, careful and intricate design solutions must be thought through requiring collaboration between all members from structural engineer to contractor, from fire engineer to BIM specialist. This webinar will present some case studies where collaboration was vital to success and some where great learning lessons were learned.

Learning Objectives

  1. Planning ahead (coordination meetings with all the team from early schematic design)
  2. Looking ahead (brainstorm with everyone s expertise to make sure all possible issues are taking into account. Spend time understanding the existing conditions as much as it is feasible)
  3. Flexibility (all team members should keep a flexible design and mind to accommodate each other's need)
  4. Common goal (remember the common goal: preserve a building, restore a certain level of safety, all within a budget)


  • Nina Mahjoub
  • Other speakers to be announced.