Out-of-the-Box Thinking: New Survey Methods, Unique Integrity Considerations

Discussion of methodology pertaining to large scale rural landscapes. Attendees will be introduced to the survey, documentation, and evaluation of large scale cultural landscapes. In the afternoon, attendees will weigh the differences between the historic integrity of a structure and the existing conditions. Attendees will be introduced to the seven aspects of integrity and the level of existing conditions and gain an understanding of the relationship between the two. Unique examples will illustrate the wide range of methods and survey considerations. This is an ideal workshop for new and mid-career professionals looking to perfect their understanding of integrity an dhistoric resources surveys. It will also serve invaluable for historians who face settings other than built resources, including districts, cultural landscapes, and nontraditional cultural resources.

Agenda and Speaker Bios

Program and Speaker Bios (PDF)

Learning Objectives

  1. How to survey a large scale cultural landscape
  2. Become familiar with new technologies for surveying built resources as well as cultural landscapes
  3. Identify the seven aspects of integrity
  4. Evaluate existing conditions and how they relate to historic integrity while undertanding the difference between condition and integrity