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What Style Is It?

How does one decode a building’s style?  Style handbooks offer clear examples of various styles and their character defining features. But those pristine examples are rarely encountered in the field. Individual client wishes, site and budget constraints, materials availability and architectural/builder design skill often affect how a building’s design is realized in built form. Later additions, remodels, or modifications for other uses further muddy what was once a recognizable style. This lively webinar will discuss how to distinguish one architectural style from another while doing survey fieldwork.  It will train your visual acumen and provide pointers on how to write concise and clear architectural descriptions. Historic inventory field researchers, planners, building officials, realtors, journalists, environmental consultants, architects, engineers and the general public will find this interactive exercise interesting and informative.


  • Diane Kane, PhD, AICP, Adjunct Faculty, UCLA Extension, Cal Poly Pomona, San Diego State University Newschool of Architecture