Building Bridges

by Andrew Shaffer  on November 1, 2018 | Uncategorized | No comments

As a statewide organization, the California Preservation Foundation is uniquely positioned to connect people and organizations from across the state. Our monthly newsletter lands in 10,000 inboxes and is seen by our 4,000+ followers on social media. We aim to include updates from around California, but there are many stories that we miss. So now, we are asking you for help.

We want to hear about the preservation action happening in your neighborhood! We want to hear about success stories and tales from the trenches. We want to hear about the important places in your back yard, and the work you are doing to save them. We want to hear from local organizations and individuals about the battles you are fighting – and what people from around the state can do to help.

We want to help connect California’s preservation community, building bridges across state.

Starting with the December 2018 issue of our e-newsletter, we are opening up space for a feature article focusing on a local issue or organization. Submitted stories should be:

  • Focused on a preservation issue or historic place in California, or have a strong California connection.
  • About a single place or organization, or an interview with an interesting individual.
  • Your own work or include permission to republish from the original author and/or publisher.
  • Submitted at least one month before the requested publication date (i.e. a piece for the February newsletter should be submitted no later than January 1st).
  • Between approximately 500-800 words long, and include a summary of no more than 100 words

To pitch a story, use the form below or email Andrew Shaffer at You can also email links to events or already published stories of interest that you would like to be considered for inclusion in the newsletter or on CPF’s social media platforms.

Click here to submit an Advocacy Alert, requesting specific action or to raise awareness about an urgent preservation issue.

Newsletter Story Submission
Aim for between 500-800 words. We will work with you to edit and revise your submission, but proofreading and preliminary edits are appreciated.
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About the Author

Andrew Shaffer is the former Engagement Director at the California Preservation Foundation. Prior to joining CPF, he studied at the University of San Francisco and the University of Wisconsin, where he specialized in LGBTQ history, preservation, and activism. Andrew is a transplant to San Francisco and loves showing off his adopted hometown to people from all over the world.