Featured Image Courtesy Ramona Street Architectural District, north side of Ramona St. from University Ave., Palo Alto, CA
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Innovative Historic Resource Survey Tools and Techniques

Historic resource surveys are the foundation of all good preservation planning. They provide a comprehensive picture of a city or county’s historic properties, are a fundamental tool of project review and permitting, and are an important component of a streamlined planning process. With the rise of new technologies, including cloud storage, open source databases, smartphones and tablets, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or "drones"), such surveys are becoming both affordable and efficient. This workshop will look at the latest survey technology, how to use it, and will reflect on what is possible with these new technologies.


  1. Use and understand the latest technologies for both small scale and large scale, as well as reconnaisance and intensive surveys.
  2. Understand how surveys play a vital role as planning tools
  3. Using existing surveys, apply methods and tools to evaluate new resources on-site.
  4. Understand the interactivity/co-dependency of surveys and context statements